Deep In Your Heart


You have looked for Me in the outside world of emotions, yet all the while I have been waiting inside for you. Meet me Me now in the inner chamber of your spirit. for I am there.

Umiwas Ka Lang

Kung iiwas ka, hindi ka tatamaan. Pero kung nakita mo ng tatamaan ka pero hindi ka umiwas, wala kang karapatang umaray pag nasaktan ka..

In Every Man's Success


In every man's SUCCESS and FAILURES there's a WOMAN behind. :)

Adam and Eve

David and Bathsheba

Samson and Delilah

Romeo and Juliet

Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos

Obama and Wife

No offense intendted. Eto ay aking Kathang isip Lamang. Hehe

On Waiting


Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for HIM - Psalm 37:7

I waited patiently for the LORD - Psalm 40:1

Minsan mahirap maghintay it is because Waiting is much more difficult than walking, for waiting requires patience, and patience is a rare virtue.

Have you prayed and prayed, and waited and waited, and still you see no evidence of an answer? Are you tired of seeing no movement? Are you at the point of giving up? Then perhaps you have not waited in the right way, which removes you from the right place --the place where the Lord can meet you.

Kaya magdasal, magmahal at maghintay...

Wait for it patiently - Rom 8:25
A beautiful sunset that was mistaken for a dawn.

How to be Happy?


I found this list of Ten Rules for Happier Living:

1. Give something away.
2. Do a kindness.
3. Give thanks always.
4. Work with vim and vigor
5. Visit elderly and learn from their experience.
6. Look intently into the face of a baby and marvel
7. Laugh often - it's life lubricant.
8. Pray to know God's way.
9. Plan as though you will live forever - you will.
10. Live as though today is your last day on earth.

Real Man

A REAL MAN would be one who isn't imaginary. In a metaphorical sense, a real man is one who is respectful, confident, responsible, and who has a strong sense of honesty and integrity and deep LOVE for God.
Real man doesn't hurt a woman physically, emotionally and morally , but love once and faithfully.  

It's More Fun in the Philippines


What’s the difference between a Filipino politician and a leech? A leech quits sucking your blood after you die. 

Loving the Right Person

You cannot find the right person to love you because it is your love who can make that person right for you.

Mature Love is Lasting Love.

I know and my eyes are open to the weaknesses and I love you beyond that.

End of the World

Noong Dec. 21, 2012 daw magugunaw ang mundo. Hindi alam ng karamihan na araw2x nagugunaw ang mundo ng ibang tao. Nagugunaw dahil sa karahasan, imoralidad, ganid na mga mayayaman at politiko, nasisirang pamilya, corruption, abortion, terrorismo at ka walang tiwala sa Diyos. Ikaw gunaw na ba ang mundo mo?

It is not GROWTH - Amalayer?

It is not Growth!

I Thought 7.1%  is the 
GDP Growth of the Philippines when its only 1.3%. PH Administration Are you AMALAYER?

"On the 7.1-percent gross domestic product (GDP) growth the government crows of, the reality of a seasonally adjusted month-to-month growth rate should wake us from the reverie we revel in. Compared to the first quarter’s seasonally adjusted GDP growth of 2.5 percent, last quarter’s seasonally adjusted GDP growth rate according to the National Statistical Coordination Board is merely 1.3 percent. Between a previous 2.5 percent and the recent 1.3 percent is a contraction in the economy. It is not growth."

Source: http://businessmirror.com.ph/index.php/news/opinion/6171-good-bye-cruel-world?

Judas and Peter


At the Last Supper, Jesus accused -with the same gravity and using the same phrase -two of his apostles. Both had committed the crimes foreseen by Jesus. Judas Iscariot recovered his senses and condemned himself. Peter also recovered his senses, after denying three times everything he had believed in. But at the decisive moment, Peter understood the true meaning of Jesus’ message. He asked forgiveness and went on, humiliated. He could have chosen suicide, but instead he faced the other apostles and must have said: “Okay, speak of my error for as long as the human race exists. But let me correct it.” Peter understood that Love forgives. Judas understood nothing.- Paulo Coelho (Maktub)

Life Sometimes


Life is about change. Sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful, but most of the time it's both."- Lana Lang

True Love Waits


A heart that truly loves is the heart that truly waits...

Now you can learn to use your natural ability to put the Ultimate Relationship Solution to work for you: Try Ultimate Relationship Solution
I wish you every joy, happiness and success in all your relationships!

Precious and Fragile

One of the most PRECIOUS & FRAGILE things that you'll ever have in your hand is a woman's heart. Handle with love.

Share Love, Share Christ

God has not called Christians to Consume but rather to DISTRIBUTE.

The Bricks From Your Past

If you carry bricks from your past relationship into your new one you will build the same house.

PRO Choice

If you give Filipinos the choice, does it necessarily mean they will make the right one? #UselessRHBill

Filipino Caregiver

Did you know that: 50 Filipino Caregivers bring more into national economy than 1000 Ateneo-Educated Lawyers.

False Sense of Patriotism

I have always been annoyed at how beholden the Filipino people are to beauty contests. They make a bigger deal of it than what it really is – for entertainment. When Miss Philippines wins they act as if the country has landed a man on another planet or everyone was uplifted from poverty and if she loses, they all get “butthurt” and try to cry foul or make statements that the judgement was unfair or in error. SO WHAT if The Philippines does not win the crown? They are a people who put more importance on this more than other normal societies of the world.

Ang babaw ng basehan maging Proud Pinoy: Magaling si Charice P. Lea S., May dugong Pinoy si Jessica Sanchez, Pag nanalo si Pacman. Nakasuot ako ng T-Shirt may map ng Philippines. Proud Pinoy ka na? False sense of patriotism.

For one to be proud to be a Filipino, The Philippines should be a progressive country through the cooperative efforts of its own people.

Proud Filipino - Of What?

Japanese are proud of Mitsubushi, Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Sharp, Panasonic etc…world class products.

Koreans are proud of their Hyundai, Asiana Airline (best Airline in the World) and LG.

Malaysians are proud of their Petronas Towers and the massive infrastructures.

Singapore is proud of their good education system, all of their 4 universities made it to international rankings.

Vietnamese are proud, they blew Phils, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos in just 2 years.

Philippines we only have Manny Pacquiao (Pacman), Charice Pempengco , Beauty Queens, etc.. that doesn't help alleviate poverty and economy.

With the Philippine RHBill population control all of these we thought our Pride will vanish someday. Ano nalang matitira mga corrupt na tao sa politika?
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