False Sense of Patriotism

I have always been annoyed at how beholden the Filipino people are to beauty contests. They make a bigger deal of it than what it really is – for entertainment. When Miss Philippines wins they act as if the country has landed a man on another planet or everyone was uplifted from poverty and if she loses, they all get “butthurt” and try to cry foul or make statements that the judgement was unfair or in error. SO WHAT if The Philippines does not win the crown? They are a people who put more importance on this more than other normal societies of the world.

Ang babaw ng basehan maging Proud Pinoy: Magaling si Charice P. Lea S., May dugong Pinoy si Jessica Sanchez, Pag nanalo si Pacman. Nakasuot ako ng T-Shirt may map ng Philippines. Proud Pinoy ka na? False sense of patriotism.

For one to be proud to be a Filipino, The Philippines should be a progressive country through the cooperative efforts of its own people.


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