Proud Filipino - Of What?

Japanese are proud of Mitsubushi, Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Sharp, Panasonic etc…world class products.

Koreans are proud of their Hyundai, Asiana Airline (best Airline in the World) and LG.

Malaysians are proud of their Petronas Towers and the massive infrastructures.

Singapore is proud of their good education system, all of their 4 universities made it to international rankings.

Vietnamese are proud, they blew Phils, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos in just 2 years.

Philippines we only have Manny Pacquiao (Pacman), Charice Pempengco , Beauty Queens, etc.. that doesn't help alleviate poverty and economy.

With the Philippine RHBill population control all of these we thought our Pride will vanish someday. Ano nalang matitira mga corrupt na tao sa politika?


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